PnC Claims

USAA provides development opportunities to employees to provide exceptional member service

Last year, the P&C claims team developed and launched the claims iMentorship program—designed to gather information and goals from each participant to match mentors and mentees together to foster long-lasting relationships focused on inclusion and development.

May 23, 2023 - Employees who participate in the program can gain valuable career and leadership development, learn to set goals, have more self-awareness and can diversify their experiences to help better serve our members.

“People make everything better. Especially good people," says Clyde D., SVP, general manager claims. “We have to develop the team we have and attract the best talent we possibly can in the industry because that is what our members and the military community deserve."

Jonathan B., experience owner lead, just wrapped up his first six-month mentor relationship through the program, and his experience has made him an advocate for the iMentorship program.

“People might look at mentorship as a way to help them get from point A to point B, but it should be longer term," shares Jonathan. “Where do you want to go and what do you want to do? Maybe there is a lateral step that you take before you go forward—all these conversations are so important to a mentorship."

iMentorship is open to all claims employees, regardless of how long they have been a USAA employee. Some new claims employees have even found the program beneficial in onboarding and learning how we support our members on the frontline.

Amanda S., associate property adjuster, joined the mentor program only a few months into her career at USAA. She went through the matching system, and the program showed her top compatible mentors based on her goals.

“I was so new to USAA and insurance in general, so my mentor was able to really help me adjust to a career change, learn claims, help me understand a development path and provide me truly understand the member experience,” says Amanda. “I want to make sure that am on the right career path and providing the best service possible, and I am beyond grateful that I was able to work with my mentor."

Mentor and mentee relationships will all look different, and the flexibility of those relationships is based on what each person wants to give or gain.  

“My mentee lives in San Antonio and I am in Phoenix, and we were able to build a meaningful relationship that extends past the six-month mark regardless of where we live and work," explains Jonathan. “Virtual limitations aren't a problem anymore if both participants start off with being open and honest with their goals."